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These are some of the resources that I can personally recommend.


The one that I’d recommend is Namecheap. I’ve been using them for a number of years and their rates are affordable. If you’re just starting out or are an experienced blogger, they’re a great option.

Pros of using Namecheap:

  1. Great customer service. When I purchased my domains and hosting, I was able to get a quick response for any problems that I had in the setup.
  2. Very good packages. They have a plan to suit most needs. I went with the Stellar Plus plan, which is in the middle range of the shared hosting plans. I can host unlimited domains with this package.


  1. None to date and I’ve been using them for the last two years.


Fiverr is a site that I can personally recommend. Throughout this blog, you’ll get more information on Fiverr. I have two sons who’re making a living on Fiverr. Don’t be misled by the name. They’re people earning several thousands of dollars per month on this platform.


A great way to receive payments from online clients. It’s a debit card, through which you can receive payment and use as a regular debit card to pay for transactions. Most freelance platforms have Payoneer as an option to receive your earnings.


Quickbooks is an excellent tool for people freelancing online. Remember you’re running a business and businesses need to keep track of their finances. I’m not just a writer, but also a Quickbooks Proadvisor. I’ll include some tips on using Quickbooks Online, but if you’re serious about learning Quickbooks, go here.


Using Grammarly will make you a better writer. The free copy will point out spelling, punction, and grammatical errors in your browser if you download the extension. Grammarly works by highlighting the error and suggesting the correction at the same time.

The Premium version will do this and more. It’ll also check for plagiarism in your Microsoft Office document. Import your document into Grammarly and it’ll highlight all the errors in your document. You can also run a plagiarism check while you’re there. It will make suggestions for tone and readability as well as suggest better word use. Check it out here.