How I Started Freelancing

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How i started freelancing
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2014 was the year that I got into freelancing online. I’d just come out of a divorce and was out of a job. I did have a little knowledge of making money online before.

My first introduction to freelancing

There was a local course going by two sisters. Internet Income Jamaica was the name they used to market themselves by. A friend of mine actually did the course. She was the one who opened my eyes to the opportunities of making money online.

My friend introduced me to Upwork and Fiverr. Not having a job and tired of working the 9 to 5, I jumped on board immediately. I had bills to pay, so there was no time to waste. Plus I wanted to be my own boss. To build my own business. Freelancing online would be my vehicle to achieve that.

She, not only did the course, but was making money online. All with the knowledge she’d gained from what she’d learned. I couldn’t afford the course at the time, but my friend gave me enough tips to get started.

Getting Started on Fiverr

A digital nomad is born

I guess if you want to make something succeed badly enough, it will. I decided to start out with accounting. That was (and still is) my main profession. I registered with both Fiverr and Upwork.

A couple months after I registered, I got my first client on Upworks. It was like a 9 to 5 in that I had to work within a certain time each day. It was a good job. Didn’t pay that much per hour, but at 38 hours per week, it was a living.

That job lasted a few months before the client moved on. I still got some work with him after that, but I got good reviews. My freelance career started to snowball after that.

I also branched out into writing articles for clients. I started doing that because it’s an area that had greater demand that accounting on Upwork. I also enjoyed it immensely.

Runs in the family

I even got both of my sons involved. They both started off on Fiverr. They’re still on the platform to this day. One of them, in particular, makes a full-time income. Both of them have also started to diversify their online income presence.

These days

Currently, I’m planning to get more involved in a writing career. This means branching out from Upwork and Fiverr, but we’ll go more into that in a later blog.

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