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Getting Started on Fiverr

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Getting started on Fiverr
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Fiverr is one of the top online freelancing sites in the world. In some reviews, it is the number one freelance site in the world. The idea with Fiverr is to offer your services for $5, or multiples of $5.

I’ve used this platform in the past and I, personally, know people who are freelancers on the site with various degrees of success. I have two sons who make a living on Fiverr.


The first step is to register on Fiverr for an account. Get on the site and register as a seller. Click here to register.

Creating your gig

  • After you’ve registered, select Gigs at the top. You’ll see a green button on the right which says CREATE A NEW GIG.
  • Then enter in the type of job you’re interested in in the title. For example, I will transcribe audio for one hour. Another example would be: I will be your virtual assistant for two hours.
  • Below that, select a category. The above examples would fall under Writing and translation.
  • In Gig Metadata, you’re going to select the language of the job that you’ve selected. You’ll also select the tone, the article type, as well as the option of two topics.
  • Then enter tags in the box for Search Tags. Tags allow buyers to find your gigs easily.
  • Then Save and Continue at the bottom of the page.
  • The next page is Scope and Pricing. Here’s where you’re going to enter a pricing package for your potential buyer.
  • There’s Basic, Standard, and Premium. Basic will be the lowest price you’re offering to the buyer. Premium, as the word suggests, will be the top price that you’ll offer for your gig.
  • You have the option of offering extras on the gig. For instance you can offer to do the gig in less time for more money.
  • Then Save and Continue. This will take you to the Description page. Here you’ll write short description of your gig. You can also add questions and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Requirements will be the next page. Here you’ll enter what you want the buyer to do before purchasing your gig.
  • After you fill in the requirements, Gallery will be the next page. Here you’ll upload a picture, video or PDF that best describes your gig.
  • Press Save and your gig will go live.

In a later blog post, we’ll look at tips that’ll help make your Fiverr gig more successful.

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