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Freelance Sites: Fiverr vs Upwork

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Freelance sites: Fiverr vs Upwork
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As a budding online freelancer, you may be wondering which freelance site you’ll fare better with. In this post, we’ll have a look at two of the top freelance sites and compare them. I’ve had experience with both, so I’ll give you the benefit of my personal knowledge with both sites as well.

6 Reasons You’ll Make it as an Online Freelancer

Let’s take a look at each site and what it offers:


Fiverr is currently the best freelance site for freelancers. The idea with Fiverr is to sell your services for $5. This concept is different from most other freelance sites where you send proposals to potential clients.

With Fiverr, clients looking for a particular type of service will seek out potential freelancers in their area of expertise. As a client looking for a freelancer to transcribe audio for me, I’ll look for somebody in the category and within my budget, to transcribe the audio into written format. When I do, then I’ll place an order with the freelancer, who’ll complete it in a set amount of time agreed upon by myself and that person.

As with most freelance site (and in the real world), reviews can make or break the freelancer. The client will have more trust in a freelancer with a track record of good reviews.

Many freelance sites will charge the freelancer to use their platform in one way or another. Fiverr is free to use for the freelancer, except for a processing fee of 20 percent from each gig sale.


Upwork is the second best freelance site for the online freelancer. As with most freelance sites, the concept with Upwork is to send proposals to potential clients based on their requirements.

After registering on this site and setting up your profile, you can apply to any suitable job. It will cost you each time you send out a proposal. You have to purchase connects to send proposals. Each connect will cost you 15 cents. They can be purchased in sets of 10, 20, 40, 60, and 80.

Depending on the job, a proposal can take as little as 2 connects. Some jobs may require a bit more than that. They’re not refundable, by the way. So if your proposal is unsuccessful, you won’t get back the connects used. There’s also a processing fee of 20 percent of what you receive from the client.

My experience

I’ve personally had more success with Upwork than Fiverr, but I know people that have had plenty success with Fiverr. I started off with accounting, which is less popular on Fiverr than Upwork.

I think it just depends on which area you’re working in. Virtual assistants, transcribers, graphic artists, voice-over artists, logo designing, video greetings are just some of the areas that do extremely well on Fiverr.

I personally, prefer the ability to look for projects than for projects to find me. However, as I’ve said before, it will cost you on Upwork to send proposals. Fiverr also has an option to send bids to potential clients through an option called Buyers Request.

Upwork clients can also send you an invitation to be interviewed. That doesn’t really guarantee that you’ll get their job, but at least, it won’t cost you any connects.

Getting Started On Fiverr

Summary of the differences

  1. With Fiverr, you’ll sell your gig to potential clients. On Upwork, you have to send out proposals to potential clients.
  2. Fiverr is free to join. Upwork is basically free to join, but you will have to pay to send out proposals.
  3. Upwork is a more complex freelance site. They’re many areas which we’ll look into further in future posts.

Both freelance sites are excellent ways to earn an income from home. The potential to earn thousands of dollars a month is possible from either. Don’t hesitate to give both a try if you’re interested in working from home.

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Another advantage with Upwork is that projects/jobs are most time longer. Some projects go on for months and even years. Fiverr doesn’t have that at all. I would vote for Upwork as the better platform despite the connects.

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