6 Reasons You’ll Make it as an Online Freelancer

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6 Reasons you'll make it as an online freelancer
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Being an online freelancer is not an easy career path to take. It may seem easy to break into, but it takes a special kind of individual to make it.

Here are several reasons you might make it in the online freelancing world.

1) You’re an entrepreneur at heart

You’ve always felt the need to own your own business. You knew, in your heart, that one day you’d be living your own dream instead of somebody else’s.

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2) You like learning new skills

You’re thrilled with the idea of learning new skills. Skills that will enable to you better serve your clients.

In freelancing, you’ll learn skills that you probably would never use in your office job. As an entrepreneur, you’ll also learn basic accounting. This will help you in running your freelancing business.

You’ll also learn marketing skills to market your freelancing business to potential clients.

You have several platforms on which you can learn these skills. Some paid, like Udemy, and some free. I provided accounting services to clients, so I had upgraded my skills with Quickbooks Online Certification. This was free and worth the time spent on the course.

3) You’re self motivated

You’re the kind of individual who doesn’t need somebody to motivate you. You jump out of bed in the mornings ( or evenings) ready to get on with the client’s project.

You’re also always thinking of new ideas to improve your business or get more clients.

4) You hate having someone over you

The idea of having a boss has never really sat well with you. You’d much prefer to set your own hours, so long as the job got done.

Yes, you tolerated it cause you have bills to pay. but you hated every minute of it. You couldn’t even go to the bathroom without the boss looking at his watch.

As your own boss, you’ll be working for your clients. You can pick, choose and refuse clients (well, not in the beginning). You’ll decide when and how to work.

5) You hate the daily commute

Sitting in traffic for hours? I don’t think anybody likes that, But you have bills to pay. And it’s worse if you have to take public transportation. On public transportation, you feel like you’re an intimate member of the rat race. I don’t wish that on my worse enemy, but there are those bills.

As an online freelancer, you’ll be rid of that endless cycle of go to work in the mornings, leave work in the evenings.

6) You decide how much you earn, not the boss

When you’re working for yourself, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can earn. You’ll learn that working for a boss can be a pretty inefficient way to get paid. More work does not, generally, mean more pay.

As your own boss, you decide how much you want to earn. Yes, you’ll probably work longer hours, but you’ll have money in your pocket at the end of the day.

If you’re more laid back, you’ll probably be earning the same as your day job, but by working fewer hours.

You’ll also be spending less on transportation costs. Fewer car expenses or less public transportation fare.

Think you have what it takes to be an online freelancer? If you’re feeling, at least, these 6 reasons, you just might have what it takes.

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