3 Online Jobs that Require Little Skill

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Online jobs that require little skill
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If you’re looking for online jobs that require little skill, you’ve come to the right place. Even though I started freelancing online as a bookkeeper, there were other jobs that I was able to do. They required little experience or skill, so they were easy to do.

You’d be surprised at the simple tasks that clients will pay to get done. Sometimes a client will want someone to upload a file or watch a video for money. We’ll look at three of the more common types of jobs that require little to no skill and experience.

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1) Transcription

Audio transcription is an online job that requires very little skill. It’s an excellent job for new freelancers without specialized skills.

Skills required

The only skill you’ll require is the ability to listen keenly. Not all audio will be clear, so you can probably charge more for those if possible. You don’t even have to have typing skills. You can peck and hunt, but it’ll take you longer to finish a transcription. An hour of transcription can take, at least, three to four hours to complete, so try and learn basic typing skills.

What does a transcriber do?

 A transcriber’s job is to write down what the speaker is saying in an audio or video. It’s a job that’s in great demand online. Interviews, meetings, speeches are common uses of transcription.

Other common uses of transcription are:

  • For SEO: Videos, for instance, on Youtube, when transcribed, makes it easier for search engines to find them. Relevant keywords added to the transcript will help the video/audio to rank higher in Google. Doing this will help drive more traffic to the video.
  • Blogger, ebooks, and social media posts: One way of writing a blog post or an ebook is to record it first. Then the audio can be transcribed for use into the post or ebook. Doing this will significantly reduce the time and cost of doing the post from scratch.
  • Having a transcript of a video or audio allows people who are hard of hearing and deaf to read your video or audio. You may be familiar with close captioning on a Youtube video or a tv show. The close captioning was the work of a transcriber.

The client will send you an audio or video file to write down what they’re saying in the audio/video. There will usually be either verbatim or non-verbatim transcription.

  • Verbatim transcription: In a verbatim transcription, every word and phrase is transcribed. This type of transcription can be broken down further into Smart verbatim or Pure verbatim. With smart verbatim, every single word and interjection is captured by the transcriber. Shhh and oops are transcribed as well as slangs. Utterances are not used in Smart Verbatim. However, Pure verbatim will include everything that Smart verbatim captures plus utterances.
  • Non-verbatim transcription: This type of transcription won’t include utterances, hesitations, or slangs that verbatim transcription will require. It aims to capture what is said, rather than how it’s said.

If you’re offering transcription services, remember that a verbatim transcription will cost more than a non-verbatim one. If you’re setting up a gig on Fiverr, you can add more to do a verbatim transcription.

Where can I find transcription jobs?

Most freelance sites will have jobs for transcribers. On Fiverr, transcribing is one of the more popular types of gigs you can do. Other good sites are Upwork, Peopleperhour,, and Guru.

There are also Transcriber sites like TranscribMe, Daily Transcription and Speechpad are just a few good transcriber platforms. You can usually go and pick the transcription job that you want to do on these sites. They will, however, require that you do a test before selecting a job. 

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Internet researcher
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2) Internet research and Data Entry

Most of us who use a computer on the internet can do internet research. For example, the client will generally ask you to gather information for them and enter it into a spreadsheet. As you can see, this is a very easy job to do. Although data entry is a job by itself, internet research will require data entry. As you can see this is another job that requires little skill.

It can sometimes be tedious as sometimes, the client will want thousands of records researched and entered into a database such as Excel.

Who needs an internet researcher?

 A business may need data from various sources for market research. Individuals may also need data for an article. The internet is a vast source of information. I’ve seen people requiring pricing information for comparative purposes. If you go through this section on Upwork, you’ll see many different jobs that need internet research.

Skills required

Can you use Google? That’s the only skill you need to work as an internet researcher. Of course, there are other tools you can use to get the job done more easily. You may also need a basic knowledge of Excel. No specialist knowledge is needed to be an internet researcher.

Where can I get an internet researcher job?

Freelance sites are the best place to get a job as an internet researcher.  Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are great places to start. Cannabiz Media and Fancy Hands are also places that’ll hire internet researchers.

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3) Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistant
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A virtual assistant is like an administrative assistant who works online. This online job can require little to no skill. Virtual assistants can offer a wide variety of services. In my opinion, a virtual assistant is the ultimate digital nomad. They may offer a wide variety of basic or specialized skills.

Who needs a virtual assistant?

My short answer to that question would be that everybody needs a virtual assistant. If you’re a business owner, chances are, you may need a very flexible assistant. If you need the person for a few hours a day, or on a full-time basis, the virtual assistant is the person you’re looking for.

A virtual assistant will free your hands so you can prioritize more important tasks for your business. And it doesn’t matter if you own a one-man business, or a large company, the virtual assistant can help you with productivity. And you’ll be dealing with another business person, not an employee, which can come with its many pitfalls.

Skills required

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you would already have gained some basic skills necessary. If you have specialized skills, you can even niche down and provide more value at a higher rate. Pinterest virtual assistants are high-value virtual assistants. If you know a lot about using Pinterest for business, you can help other people to maximize their use of this platform for a fee.

In addition to the jobs as mentioned above, the virtual assistant can offer the following services:

  • Phone calls
  • Appointment setting
  • Read and screen emails.
  • Book flights
  • Make arrangements
  • Prepare documents
  • Recruit employees
  • Fill out forms
  • Social media assistant.

I could go on and on here, but I think you’ve gotten the point.

Where can I get a job as a virtual assistant?

In one word?  Anywhere online. But seriously, you can find the need for virtual assistants on most freelancing sites. Fiverr, Upwork,, Guru, and immediately come to mind when it comes to freelancing sites. Woodbows, Fancy Hands and Time, etc. are other sites that I’ve heard good things about.

Why not create your own virtual assistant website? That way, you’ll be better paid than on a freelance site platform. And all without the requisite fees that come with freelancing sites. Niche down further, and you should be able to get better rates. Those are just my thoughts on virtual assistants.

So there we have it. The three top jobs that you can do with little to no skill online. If you don’t have a specialized skill, there’s no problem. Of course, there are other jobs which I’ll go into in a future post.

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