Reasons freelancing might not be for you

 Photo by from Pexels

Freelancing online is not for everybody. I’ve tried to introduce a few of my friends to online freelancing, but realized that its not the ideal way of earning an income for them. Here are some reasons why it might not be for you.

1. You hate being around your computer

If you don’t like being around a computer, you will not like freelancing online. Most online freelancers don’t mind spending hours around a computer. Even if they have a full-time job, they’ll still come home and spend hours around their computer at home.

2. You prefer the security of 9-5

If you’re doing it full-time, freelancing is like owning a business. You won’t have the security of a paycheck on a regular basis. You may have kids going to school or other bills where you need to have a regular paycheck.

If you’ve just started freelancing you won’t have the comfort of a regular check. You will have times when money is scarce and times when there is a lot of money coming in. If you have no backup and need a consistent income, freelancing may not be for you.

3. You’re not into learning new things

Freelancing online has been a learning experience for me. The average worker may never learn some of the things that we learn when freelancing.

I learned how to use Dropbox, Google Docs and Google Hangouts since freelancing online. I also upgraded my knowledge of Quickbooks with a course in Quickbooks Online. I eventually did their test and became a Quickbooks Online Proadvisor.

Some people will come into online freelancing with basic knowledge of computing, but if they’re willing to learn new skills, they will learn a lot very quickly.

Simple skills such as learning to use Skype, Dropbox and Google Docs are good places to start and they’re free.

If you’re not into learning new skills, it will definitely limit your earning potential.

4. You give up easily

Getting jobs on freelance sites usually take time. Don’t expect to be earning what you were earning on your 9-5 the first month. There are a few lucky individuals who may start earning a lot the first month, but that isn’t the norm.

You’ll have to be persistent to succeed. Freelancing online is for the tortoise not the hare. If you give up easily, it won’t be the job for you. If you stick to it, you will see results over time.

5. You’re lazy

If you’re a lazy person, forget freelancing online. Yes, it is true that your time is flexible and you can get up when you feel like. The truth is, though, that if you are a late riser, you will have to put in late nights from time to time. All in an effort to get the work done. The more clients you have, the longer your days will be.

You do have the flexibility to work whenever you want, so long as you organize your time around your jobs. If you’re lazy, you’ll get bad reviews from clients and your earnings will deep sharply in a short time.

6. You are not disciplined

Yes, it does take a lot of disciplin to freelance online. There are days when you’ll want to take it easy when you have several deadlines to meet. Being disciplined will help you through those days.

If you need a boss to stand over you to get things done, you are not going to make it in the freelancing world.

These are six reasons why freelancing online might not be for you. I believe most of them can be overcome, but only if you have the sheer will to make it work.